Company Profile store informations about the user company and is especially used to generate invoices or compute taxes.

companyProfileIdEntity id
uidUser Id
legalNameCompany legal name (official name)
tradeNameCompany trade name (display name)
cityCompany city
countryCompany country
zipCompany zip code
streetCompany street
activityTypeNAF/APE code
natureActivity nature (NATETAB) only for legalForm = EI
nomenclatureCodeDEPRECATED, use activityType instead
legalFormCompany legal form. enum: ["EI", "EIRL", "EURL", "SASU", "SAS", "SARL", "OTHER"]
isMicroIs the company a "Micro-Entreprise"
hasAccreDoes benefit from ACCRE
accreStartDateACCRE start date
hasPrelevLibHas subscribed to "prélèvement libératoire"
taxFrequencyenum: ["QUATERLY", "MONTHLY"]
registrationDateDEPRECATED. Use legalRegistrationDate.
legalRegistrationNumberCompany registration number (SIRET)
legalVATNumberCompany VAT number
legalRegistrationDateCompany registration date YYYY-MM-DD
legalShareCapitalCompany legal capital
legalAnnualTurnOverenum: ["", "0-39", "40-99", "100-249", "250-999", "1000-2999", "3000-9999", "10000-99999", "100000-*"]
legalFilingDateDEPRECATED. Use legalRegistrationDate instead.