This section applies only to Regulated partners.

Regulated partners

Regulated partners are companies with one of the following licenses:

AISP (Account Information Service Provider)
PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider)
CBPII (Card-Based Payment Instrument Issuers)


PSD2 (DSP2 in french), short for Payment Services Directive II, represents an update to the legal framework governing payment services within the European Union Link.

PSD2 requires a Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) and a Qualified Electronic Seal Certificates (QSEAL) certificate delivered by a Qualified Trust Service Provider.


Be sure to have the right certificates

Certificates not signed by an eIDAS PSD2 compliant trust authority - e.g. self-signed certificates - will not be accepted, and the connection will be refused by our gateway.
This is valid for the production environment, as well as for the sandbox.


During your registration, you will be asked to provide both your QWAC and QSEAL certificates.
They must perfectly match the ones you will use to authenticate your secure connection, and sign your requests.
Otherwise, the connection to the service will be refused.