A scope represent a permission according to an entity or a group of entities. Scopes are requested and associated with a client Id when requesting your credentials.


Request new scopes

If you want to change your available scopes, you need to request new credentials through our support.

Common scopes follow the openid connect specification.

openidWill send back an id_token when exchanging code for tokens as specified in the Open Id Connect specification. See step 3 - Id token below for details.
profileAdd profile informations in id_token claims (openid scope required)
emailAdd email and email_verified claims in id_token claims (openid scope required)
phoneAdd phone in id_token claims (openid scope required)
bank:transfers:readQuery user bank transfers (see Bank transfers)
bank:transfers:write (Regulated Partners)Create a bank transfer order (Bank transfers)
Endpoints using this scope are restricted
bank:transfers:recipients:readQuery user bank transfer recipients (see Bank Transfers Recipients)
bank:transfers:recipients:write (Regulated Partners)Create a bank transfer recipient (see Bank Transfers Recipients)
Endpoints using this scope are restricted
bank:transactions:readQuery user transactions (see Bank Transactions)
bank:accounts:readQuery user bank accounts (see Bank Accounts)
user:profile:readGet complete informations about the user (see Users Profiles)
invoices:readQuery user invoices
invoices:write Create & update invoices
receipts:readQuery user receipts
receipts:write Create & update receipts
user Includes user:profile:read
bank (Regulated Partners)Includes all bank:* scopes
invoicesIncludes invoices:read & invoices:write
receiptsIncludes receipts:read & receipts:write


OpenID scopes

profile, email & phone scopes require the openid scope.